My Story

Overtime is an American Singer/Songwriter from Montana who’s known for his hard-working country, rock and rap style of music. 


Born into a blue-collar family in God’s Country, Overtime grew up tough through a rugged Montana lifestyle. In the Rocky Mountains you’re born into long winters and a sense of survival. In recent years, many have become fans of Overtime and his outlaw style of Hip Hop x Rock x Country music. His most notable songs to date include "Hunger In My Stomach", "Divided We Fall", and “Next To Me”. Overtime has charted in multiple positions on Billboard with multiple albums and has headlined over 25 U.S. Tours independently while never signing a traditional record deal. As one of the most successful Montana musicians in history, Overtime is still breaking trail and navigating his own way.


Overtime was raised as the youngest of 5 in the small rural area of Montana. After the divorce of his parents at a young age, Overtime moved to Missoula, MT where he experienced a more “city-like” life with his mother. His father, a miner and rancher, remained in the small country town of Whitehall, MT where Overtime spent his summers which gave him the best of both worlds. The value of work was learned at an early age growing up in the classic “Blue Collar” family. His mother, who’s worked for the railroad his entire life would work 50+ hours per week, and his father would work even more.

The younger years for Overtime weren't exactly his best. As early as 16, Overtime began experimenting with drugs and alcohol as a way to fit in and be social. This would lead to the inevitable - addiction. It was during this time that Overtime began experimenting with “freestyle rap” and poetry. Through multiple attempts at rehabilitation and many hard looks in the mirror, Overtime put down the drugs and began creating music. His early style was much what you’d expect from a “rapper” starting out that’d been influenced by mainstream urban style rap his whole life. Living in Montana, rap music wasn’t the prominent genre of choice by most so this came with a lot of scrutiny. In 2006, Overtime released his first album while working as a painter and toured around Montana performing on any stage he could - often paying promoters to get stage time. It soon became obvious that the record industry wasn’t looking to sign any “rappers” from Montana so he began studying the industry and how it worked. Overtime didn’t have any money at that time so rather than seeking the services of different professionals to handle things like booking concerts or building a brand, he learned each role himself.

In 2015, things began to click. Overtime realized the music he'd been making was not the route he needed or wanted to go. He got back to his roots. He no longer wanted to be a “rapper” in a sense - he just wanted to be himself and become an all-around songwriter. A kid that grew up in Montana riding horseback, ATV’s, motorcycles, shooting guns, playing in the mud, and listening to Randy Travis with his Dad. THAT was the music he wanted to make.

As time goes by we continue to hear more country and rock infused into Overtime’s music. There isn’t one singular genre you could place him in so he just calls it “Country Rock and Rap”. Montana is in him everywhere he goes and leads his people with his hard-working blue collar values with a message of hope and triumph.

If you’ve never seen Overtime perform with his band The Blue Collar Soldiers Band, you've been missing out!


Overtime has booked and headlined over 25 U.S. tours without the assistance of any agencies, labels, or management. He’s an independent, self-sufficient machine focused on bringing legendary music to the world.

YouTube: 140 Million views with 320,000 subscribers and counting.

Spotify: 300,000 Monthly listeners.

Combined Social Media Followers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter): 500,000+ followers.

Album Accolades:

  • The Foundation - Held a top 10 most selling hip hop album for 10 months straight with it’s distributor CD Baby.
  • United We Stand - Charted on Billboard in 3 different categories. (R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales 8.25.2018 - #43) (Country Album Sales 8.25.2018 - #44 ) (Heatseekers - Mountain 8.25.2018 - #4 & #9 on 9.22.2018)
  • Divided We Fall - Charted on Billboard in 2 different categories. (R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales 12.24.2019 - #42) (Heatseekers - Mountain 12.24.2019 - #2)
  • Self Made in America - Charted on Billboard in 11 different categories. (Current Rap Albums #2 - 6/16/2022) (Current R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #7 - 6/16/2022) (Top New Artist Albums #7 - 6/16/2022) (Current Country Albums #11 - 6/16/2022) (Record Label Independent Current Albums #14 - 6/16/2022) (Heatseekers Albums #39 - 6/16/2022) (Current Album Sales #58 - 6/16/2022) (Album Sales #122 - 6/16/2022) (Current Digital Albums #123 - 6/16/2022) (Top Albums w/TEA #135 - 6/16/2022) (Digital Albums #196 - 6/16/2022)



“In And Out Of The Game” – Released March 8th, 2011

“Blue Collar” – Released September 23rd, 2014

“The Foundation” – Released May 3rd, 2016

“Johnny Rotten” – Released April 25th, 2017

“United We Stand” - Released August 10th, 2018

"Divided We Fall" - Released December 13th, 2019

"Self Made in America" - Released June 10th, 2022